03/31/07: 2006 was the Year from Hell. HELL. (If you don't know, don't ask.) Anyway, just letting you all know that I am alive and I have NOT given up on this place. I am working on a HUGE update to go up sometime at the end of April. (Hopefully.) Until then, here is something amusing to tide you over. Also, don't forget that The Bitch Board is an awesome place to hang.

11/22/05: Well, the annual Halloween update came a few weeks late. However, there are two new entries in the PORNTASTIC LAND!. Have fun with it!

04/19/05: Okay, I understand that I said I was going to update weekly. That... kinda didn't happen. You all have my sincerest apologies. Just trust me when I say that I had very good reason. (A very good reason involving things that blow up.) But, hey! There are now two more entries in the Porn Palace! Enjoy!

02/23/05: Today is a very special day. This website is officially FOUR years old! That's ancient in web years. And in honor of this very special celebration, well, I have updates. Specifically, I finally added the Ye Olde Wall O' Porn. You'll note there's only one fic in there right now. That's because it's unfinished. I'll be adding a fic once a week until it's done.

And I updated the FAQ. (Yes, it's a FAQ, now.)

12/22/04: A Very Merry Christmas from the one and only Bitchy Claus! There are two updates for you, today. The first of which is a brand new rant from yours truly. What can I say? I was feeling nostalgic.

The Great Hall also got a bit of an update. It's a good one. You have to see it to believe it.

And thus concludes the final update for 2004. The next update is actually scheduled on my calendar, and it's a doozy. February 23rd, 2005. Look for it.

11/03/04: New rant on crossovers. You can read it HERE. Also, once again, be sure to check out my forum. We post MSTs there! And badfic! It is much fun. You know you want to go there.

10/01/04: Am I on a role or what? New guest rant posted here. Read and enjoy.

09/29/04: Check it out. New layout, this time courtesy of Ai and Janeway216. Galaxia came back! Oh, how I have missed you, my shiny mistress of DOOM.

Incidentally, if you notice any broken interior links or other glaring website irregularities, please let me know. I believe that most of the kinks have been worked out, but it's always possible that something was missed along the way.

Oh, and you know those links on the Good Fics page? Yeah, they're fixed now. Thanks Jen!

09/26/04: Wow. Really long time, no update. I have to blame a number of things. One of them being life issues. The other being the creation of a live action series that did little but mess with canon. For what it's worth, my thoughts were that the live action did some things better and some things worse than the anime. On that note, then there were the things that were just silly and otherwise a wholly bad idea. Sailor Luna, anyone?

So far, there is ONE new rant uploaded. You can find it here. There is another finished rant sitting on my harddrive that is just waiting for me to upload as soon as its companion fan art commission is finished. As for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, well, I plan on covering it one more time on this website. It might or might not involve stick figures. The silly summaries and fic snippets pages got moved to LiveJournal just to help facilitate those more regular updates. They're communities so GO and JOIN THEM if you have an account there! And the good authors page? I still have no clue what to do about that. It's hard to link to the good authors... when there's nothing to actually link to.

Oh, and while I'm plugging me, I have to take a moment to encourage you all to join my message board. Really. I hang out there. What more reason do you need? We're all snarky...

11/17/03: Well, first you'll note that we have a new winter-festive layout! No one has a gay penguin army like *I* have a gay penguin army, yo. Also, after getting fed up with the incessant pop-ups and banners with the old forum, I got a new one. Go register and post! Post a lot! Thirdly, am in the process of getting yet another mailing list as topica has decided that I do not exist. And believe it or not, I actually AM working on an update. Speaking of which, I would like to thank certain unnamed archives for renaming all of their pathways right after I got all of the links fixed on my site. Thanks a bunch.

You people just like making me work, I swear....

06/09/03: FINALLY redid the This Fic Does Not Suck page. You'll note the new format. A few new additions. (Though, I didn't manage to add everyone that I wanted to.) There's also two deletions because I've become convinced that the works that I put them on the list for will NEVER be finished. Also, no more "Complete Works" listings. If I liked more than one from any one author, I did a pick and choose.

03/23/03: Updated the email page. Also, tinkered around a bit with Wreaker's pages so that it matches the rest of the site and yet maintains its nifty Sailor Mercury theme. Plus, two new banners!

03/22/03: Long time, no new content. Well, I'm fixing that, today! Today we have two new MSTs from Wreaker of Havoc as well as a disclaimer. A new fic for the Great Hall of Crap. (PuD was overthrown as worst epic and moved into a new category! "Most Overrated">. Plus, my Mary Sue Litmus Test is FINALLY up. There will be some minor updates in the next few days and my next big project is overhauling the "Does Not Suck list" and fixing ALL of my broken links. Joy.

02/02/03: New layout courtesy of Eternal Angel. Isn't retro FUN?

12/14/02: Lookie here, folks. Christmas came early this year! So, what's new on the site for today? Well, I have now received so much email that I had to add a second page for it! Also, there are new additions to the Silly Summaries page and the Snippets page, that those of you on my mailing list have probably seen before. There are a few additions to the You Know You've page. We also have a new MiST from Wreaker of Havoc AND there is a new guest rant about how to properly whore yourselves. Take the advice to heart, kiddies.

And now for a little news that some of you already know about. Fact is, I'm trying to get out of doing my own ranting for the site and am actively looking for the guest contributions to take this aspect over, so if you wish to volunteer, then please DO SO. I do have every intention of keeping them up, whenever something in fandom incurs my ire, but I just can't keep on inventing reasons to sound pissy. Forced bitchiness is worse than NO bitchiness, imho. So, people, please SEND them puppies in!

Here's a list of things that I'm currently either working on or plan to work on eventually:

- The Mary Sue Litmus Test (because all fandoms need a Mary Sue Litmus Test, imho)
- The rest of those haikus
- The Page of Bad Hentai
- Standard Rants Collected (basically EVERYTHING that I bitch about in fandom that doesn't warrant entire documents based on them)
- Wreaker's Hentai Cave (She's going to get it sometime, I swear.)
- Know Your Characters
- You Know Your SM Fic Sucks If: revised and reorganized.
- PG Fics... Porned Up. (You know you want to read this.)
- Wow! These Fics Don't Suck: Updated! And with all broken links fixed!

As always, the snippets and summaries are always a priority and I will continue to add to them - they're just too fun!

11/21/02: Just a quickie update before I head out on Thanksgiving Break. The haiku's for Sailor Moon R are finally out. (Despite having put the Classic haikus UP less than a year ago, I wrote them in 2000.) Feel the Yamhead hate. Probably one more update before Christmas. (Hopefully, it shall include the hentai cave.)

11/17/02: Mailing list is back up (see the bottom of the page), this time with a new client. If you were already on it, don't worry, you've been already been re-invited. If your name is Anya Yuran, I'm sorry, but you're going to have to resubscribe.

09/15/02: The rest of Wreaker's MiSTs are up. All I need to finish of hers is her hentai cave, and then that's it! *does the dance of joy*. Also, there's new banners uploaded... and I fixed the urls on the old banners.

09/10/02: Well, half of Wreaker of Havoc's page is up. I guarantee that there is at least ONE MST on there that no one (unless your name is Jaina) has ever read before.

I am an updating FIEND!

09/08/02: Well, content is partially updated. There's new additions in the "You Know You've" page as well as the silly summaries and snippets. Also, in Site Shite there's new email, as well as two new sections. One shows off my purty awards. The other shows off those testimonials that I liked to sport about a year ago. Next update should be soon, as I have some more banners that I'd like to add, as well as a guest rant, and a whole page for Wreaker of Havoc's mayhem.

Also, forgot to mention this last time, but let's all thank Eternal Angel for the layout.

09/03/02: Well, summer break is finally over and FiBi version 2.0 is officially up and running. Unfortunately, the update is all cosmetic, but I promise that there will be content by the end of this weekend.