Over the summer of 2001, I got this nifty image editing program and decided to try it out by making a bunch of fake testimonials that I stuck at the bottom of all of the pages.

Eventually, I got sick of making them, and let's face it... after awhile, that's a lot of fake testimonials. Plus, they didn't match the decor anymore. But you can see all of the old ones listed right here!

Planet of the Apes' General Thade
Buddy Christ! (Yes, I am a Kevin Smith fan.)
Silent Bob (See above.)
Evil Britney Spears
Evil Christina you know who
Justin Timberlake (Are you noticing a pattern?)
Galaxia (For obvious reasons.)
Harry Potter and Friends
Indiana Jones's hat... don't ask
Lingerie Fighter Papillion Rose (Points to those of you that get the ref.)
The smurfs!
Mr. Tinkles! (I love that cat.)
The Tick