Sailor Moon R Episode Summaries

47)Moon revives! The mysterious alien appears
Oh, hey! Didn't we
Already see this same ep
One whole year ago?

48) Aito seigi yue! Sailor Senshi fukkatsu
Right now I really
Wish that Hitoshi Doi would
Translate these titles.

49) Who is the white rose for? Tsukikage no knight appears
Ya know, Mamoru
Looks like a real wanker when
He wears that bed sheet.

50) Usagi's danger! The tiara doesn't work
Uh-oh! It looks like
Usagi is gonna need
That power-up soon.

51) The new transformation! Usagi powers up
Yeppers, there it is!
A new tradition is born!
Lookie! Feathers! WHEE!

52) The kindergarten kids get attacked! Venus' great performance
For some reason, I
Always miss this damn ep when
The damn thing is on.

53) Mamoru and Usagi's rebellion as baby sitters
I just realized
That this episode has TONS
Of foreshadowing.

54) The cultural festival is just for me!? Queen Rei sings all out.
No! Rei's ego can't
Be bigger than my ego.
Please say it ain't so!

55) Tsukikage is Seijuurou? Mako-chan gets fired up
If food is the way
to a man's heart, then why can't
Mako-chan keep one?

56) Steal Mamoru's kiss! Ann's Snow White strategy
Well, Mako-chan's right
About one thing: she does have
The biggest "talents."

57) Beware of after school! The target Usagi
Oh! So THAT explains
My evil high school teacher's
Damn mood swings from Hell!

58) The disagreeing feeling of love! The Makaiju's anger
Feel the LOVE and hug
A tree, today, before it
Ends up eating you!

59) The true love awakens! The Makaiju's secret.
Finally! That damn
Alien storyline is
OVER! Thank the Gods!

60) An angel? A devil? The mysterious girl who came from the sky
Why must their first date
Always be ruined by spores
That fall from the sky?

61) Usagi's big shock! Mamoru announces that he's breaking up
Relationships suck.
First: LUV. Then your future self
Breaks you up. Dumbass.

62) The friendship of the senshi! Good-bye Ami-chan
Aw, poor Ami-chan
Is going to Germany.
Take me with you, please!

63) Girls should be strong and beautiful! Rei's new attack.
You know, I have to
Wonder what beauty has to
Do with Rei's attack….

64) Going after the ginzuishou! The secret of Chibi Usa
Gee! Yamhead has a
Moon sigil on her head! I
Wonder what that means!

65) Koi no ronsou! Minako to Makoto ga tairitsu
I hate Yamhead. And
Mako-chan and Mina fight
About love. Sorta.

66) Usagi's parenthood!? The curry triangle relationship.
Death to Yamhead. I
Really, really hate the girl.
Why isn't she dead?

67) Umiyo shimayo bakansuyo! Senshi no kyuusoku
Special props to this
Ep if only because it
Has a dinosaur.

68) Protect Chibi Usa! The fierce battle between the 10 warriors
Yay! Chibiusa
Dies! Or not. Damn false alarms
Getting my hopes up….

69) Mezameyo nemureru bishoujo! Mamoru no kunou.
Mamo-chump is a
Real asshole sometimes. Like now.
Now, he's a big one.

70) Ai no honoo no taiketsu! Mars vs Cooan!
Rei-chan is saving
The world - one cosmetics sale
Person at a time.

71) For friendship! Ami and Beruche crash.
I'd have liked this ep
Better if they would play "Go"
Or "Scrabble" instead.

72) Hijou no Rubeus! Kanashimi no Yonshimai
Ah, gotta love the
Sibling rivalry in this
Ep. Oh, memories….

73) UFO Sighting! The Sailor Warriors Kidnapped!
Gee, I really hope
The girls were not in any
Way anally probed.

74) Kill Rubeus! The final battle in the space void
Fire! Death! Destruction!
And way too much gravity!
Oh well. Fire pretty!

75) The Appearance of the Mysterious Sailor Pluto
I always wanted
To dye my hair forest green
Like Sailor Pluto's.

76) The Dark Magic Power! Esmeraude's Attack
Usagi should know
By now that sweets will always
Attack her en masse.

77) The Thoughts are the Same! Usagi and Mamoru in Love Again.
Will wonders never
Cease? Mamo-chump finally
Broke down. About time.

78) The Problems of Venus-Minako as a Nurse
Chibiusa's sick!
Why do we care about that?
Just let Yamhead die!
(This one is courtesy of Ai. I had a different one of my own, but I have to say that I like this version SO much better.)

79) The Adventures of Artemis! The Evil Animal Kingdom
During all of the
Series, Artemis gets 2
Eps. This ep is one.

80) The Scary Illusion! Solitary Ami
Ever notice that
Ami-chan has some major
Self-esteem issues?

81) Completion of the Gateway of Darkness? Primary School is Being Attacked!
Great. Not another
Yamhead ep. Can you tell that
I'm dreading SuperS?

82) Journey to the Future! The Battle in the Time Tunnel!
Time travel again?
Yes Marty, we have to go
Back… to the future!

83) Battle in the Future! Demando's Ambition!
Poor Usagi-chan!
The Annoying Gene must run
In her family.

84) Wiseman's Dark Hand. Destroy Chibi-Usa!
If the title means
Anything, they should show this
Every Christmas.

85) Queen of Darkness! The Birth of Black Lady
Good Golly, Yamhead
Is quite the slutty little
Evil teenager.

86) The Death of Saffir! Wiseman's Trap.
Aw. Poor Saffir. I
Really didn't want him to
Buy the farm tonight.

87) Believe in Love and Future! Usagi's Will-Power
Give him a Scythe and
Wiseman will be the spitting
Image of, well, Death.

88) The Last Battle Between Light and Dark! Vow to Tomorrow's Love!
The pink thing from Hell
Helps her mom save the future.
Too bad she's not dead.

89) Usagi's final decision! Prologue to the new battle
It's a damn preview
Ep that has no relation
To anything else.