Sailor Moon Classic Episode Summaries

1)The Crybaby Usagi's Splendid Transformation
Odango gets a
Strange cat with many talents.
Beware sonic wails

2) I'll Punish You! The Fortune House is a Youma's Mansion
Umino has a
Crush on Usagi. Poor girl.
Now he's a zombie.

3)The Mysterious Sleeping Disease, Protect the Young Girl's Loving Hearts
Evil radio
Show makes people sleep a lot.
Wish I could do that.

4)Usagi Will Teach You! The Way to Get Slim
Oh no! She's gained weight!
Time to go on a diet.
Let's go to the gym.

5)The Demonic Scent! Shaneera steals love!
Usa wants a pet
but Shingo hates animals.
Luna's a cool cat.

6)Protect the Song of Love! Usagi is Cupid
A youma tries to
Switch some tapes but in the end
True love will prevail.
(And that is the sappiest that I will EVER get! *pukes*)

7)Usagi's Reconsideration! The Road to Stardom is Difficult
Usa and Naru
fight. Umino wears a dumb
dress. Luna can't dance.

8) Is the Genius Girl a Youma? The Scary Brain-Washing Cram School
Ami is the school's
New genius. Welcome
Sailor Mercury!

9)Usagi's Misfortune! Beware of the Rushing Clock
"Tick Tock" goes the clocks.
Everyone's in a rush
but Ami. Time flies.

10)The Cursed Bus! The Fighter of Flames, Mars, Appears
If that is how Rei
Treats her friends, I would hate to
Be her enemy.

11)Usagi and Rei Face Off? The Nightmare of Dream Land
The girls visit an
Amusement park. Princess Dream
Is not what she seems.

12)I Want a Boyfriend, Too! Trap of Cruise Ship
Ami and Rei go
On a cruise while Usa's a
Cute photographer.

13)The Girls are in Unison! The End of Jadeite
Airplanes have minds of
Their own and attack Jadeite.
It's his last failure.

14)A new Formidable Enemy, the Evil Coat of Arms Nephrite
Tennis never was
Usagi-chan's best sport and
This ep just proves it.

15)Usagi Panics! Rei-chan's First Date
Mamoru dates Rei.
There is something that's very
Wrong with this picture.

16)Pure white dress dream! Usagi Becomes Bride
Usagi and Rei
Compete in a wedding dress
Contest. Neither win.

17)Usagi's a model? Focus on Demon Camera
She wants to be a
Supermodel so Rei-chan
Can eat her heart out.

18) Shingo's Love. Sorrow's French Doll
The doll in this ep
Makes Chucky from Child's Play seem
Like a pacifist.

19)Usagi's So happy! Tuxedo Kamen's Love Letter
Nephrite does a bad
Tuxie impersonation.
Phil Hartman, he ain't!

20)Summer, Ocean, Youth! Also, a ghost
Tuxie is a good
Wind-surfer. I think I should
Take lessons from him.

21)Protect the Dreams of Children! The Friendship Bound in Anime
V-chan must be proud
To know that such great ani-
mators work on her.

22)Romance Under Moon! Usagi's First Kiss
Usa really can't
hold her liquor at all. I'm
Glad she's not a lush.

23)Wishing to a Shoooting Star! Naru-chan's Pure Love
This ep proves once and
For all that Naru is a
True youma magnet.

24)Naru-chan's tear! Death of Nephrite for Love
Does anyone else
Find it odd that Nephrite's blood
Is a pukey green?

25)Power Girl in Love, Jupiter-chan
Even without her
Henshin pen, Jupiter can
Kick some youma butt.

26)Smile Naru-chan! Usagi's Friendship
Tux knows who he is.
Don't Naru and Umino
Make a cute couple?

27)Love to Ami-chan?! A Boy Who Sees the Future
Urawa now knows
That it really pays to be
a psychic of sorts.

28)The Illustration of Love, Usagi and Mamoru Getting Closer?
Tux and Usa pose
For a painting. Finally,
They're making progress!

29)Total Chaos! Messy Love Square
Senshi of love want
To make Motoki's girlfriend
Go to Africa.

30)Grandpa's Insanity, Rei-chan in Jeopardy
For an old guy, Rei's
Grandpa is very agile
When he wants to be.

31)Loved and Chased! Luna's Worst Day
Luna's no Scarlett.
Zoisite has a problem
With rats and sewers.

32)Umino's Decision! I'll Protect Naru-chan
Tuxie Umino?
Naru has really bad luck
With men, don't you think?

33)The Last Sailor Warrior, Venus Comes
Is it just me, or
Does Zoisite make a good-
Looking Sailormoon?

34)Shining Crystal! Moon Princess Returns
Usa and Mamo
Trapped in an elevator?
Usa's the princess?

35)Returning Memories! Usagi's and Mamoru's Past
Mamo is taken
By Queen Beryl. Usa grows
Into her power.

36)Usagi in Confusion! Evil Tuxedo Mask?
Talk about bad hair
Days! Usagi's having the
Worst of them right now.

37)Aim for Princess? Usagi's Strange Training
Usagi goes to
Finishing school? I hope that
She learns how to dance.

38)Snow, Mountains, Friendship! Also a youma too!
The girls go skiing
Yuuichiro tries to be
A hero but fails.

39)A Pair With the Youma? The Queen of Ice, Mako-chan
Who'da thunk it? That
Figure skater looks just like
Mako's old sempai.

40)The Lake of Monster Legend. Usagi's Family Tie
Evil Mamoru
Releases a bad monster
and can't control it.

41)I Won't Run Away from Love Anymore! Ami and Mamoru Face Off
Urawa and his
Ami have a pseudo-date
On the ferris wheel.

42)Sailor Venus' Past, Minako's Blighted Love
It really ticked me
Off that DiC decided not
To dub this ep! Grrr!

43)Usagi going alone? The Sailor Senshi's Big Fight
The paparazzi
Is little more than a group
of Blood-Thirsty hounds.

44)Usagi's Awakening! Message from the Ancient Past
The girls go to the
Moon and meet Selenity.
Holograms have wings.

45)Death of Sailor Warriors. Gallant Final Battle
The senshi all die
And millions of children are
Traumatized for life.

46)Usagi's Eternal Wish. Renewed Reincarnation
One lone princess saves
The world from Queen Beryl with
The help of her friends.