Original Ideas for Your Fics

Sick and tired of the exact same fanfiction plots showing up over and over again? Well, me too! And in order to fulfill my duty of helping the Sailor Moon fanfiction community, I have come up with a list of original plot ideas for Sailor Moon fics! I encourage you to steal them. Please. Just let me know so that I can read it later. And, heck, if you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to drop me a line and let me know. I give credit.

1) Mamoru returns home from Harvard having seen one episode of the X-Files too many. He starts ranting and raving about a government conspiracy and eventually quits the senshi in lieu of starting his own organization a la “The Lone Gunmen.”

2) Usagi decides that her diet is really too unhealthy and decides to live off of nothing but carrots.

3) Having been spurned by men one time too many, Minako throws off the whole gender. She shaves off all of her hair and dresses in nothing but flannel.

4) Having decided that their Sailor Fuku are far too impractical for battle, it is arranged for them (don’t ask me how) to wear something akin to sweat pants. However, upon transforming, something goes wrong and Rei becomes “Red Queen Sailor Mars” complete with whip, chains, and fuzzy handcuffs.

5) Haruka decides that she really wasn’t all that fond of racing, after all. She sells all of her cars and then uses the money to open a small boutique where she sells makeup and Setsuna’s dress designs.

6) Hotaru gives up her hobby of lamp collecting. What normal person does that, anyway?

7) After having one really weird relationship after another, Chibiusa contemplates her sexuality only to discover that she is much more screwed up than anyone ever realized. She eventually leaves Crystal Tokyo to become a topless dancer in France.

8) Makoto realizes that she’s actually a man trapped in a woman’s body. After much agonizing, she decides to have the sex-change operation but only if her sempai promises to love her for who she is.

9) Poor Ami gets humiliated at her high school prom. She then re-enacts the ending of Carrie and manages to put Sissy Spacek to shame.

10) We all learn Michiru’s deep, dark secret. She is afraid of water.

11) We discover where all of Haruka’s and Michiru’s money comes from. It would appear that in their spare time, their parents were rival crime bosses and when both of them rejected their families to bask in each other’s love, the heads of each family gave them a large portion of money so that they would keep their mouths shut lest they be forced to wear cement shoes at the bottom of the river.

[Addendum from Pandora MacMillan and the folks from Crystal Tokyo for the Baka: BTW, all of us in the SM Authors gang already know where Haruka and Michiru get all their money. Setsuna lets them travel back through time regularly, to place bets on games and other events for which they already know the outcome. Oh, and have I mentioned Sailor Pluto's many investments in artwork, collectables and stock which she KNEW would go up in value? Why do you THINK they let Setsuna move in with them in their little love nest, hmmm?]

[Me: To be honest, I always thought it was the hot, nekkid, three-way lesbian sex....]

12) After being sick and tired of being the old-predictable-Ami, Ami decides to go Goth. She paints her face white and writes poetry about Satan. Eventually, her friends confront her on how they are not fond of this “new” Ami and would like the old one back. Ami replies, “Screw you.” Things continue on like this for a while until she has a bad experience at a Marilyn Manson concert.

13) Hotaru’s unique growth spurts don’t slow down and within a month we discover that not only is she taller than Mako-chan, but much more “talented” which she then attempts to use to her advantage.

14) Setsuna isn’t quite what we believe her to be and we discover that she really IS Mamoru in drag. (Just for you folks at alt.fan.sailor-moon!)

15) After the Galaxia incident, Usagi really buckles down and manages to graduate as valedictorian. The rest of the senshi summarily pass out in shock and eventually become convinced that she was abducted by aliens and replaced with a robot. They force her on a trek across the galaxy where they run into various alien creatures and hilarity ensues. All the while, Usagi is continuing to demand that she is, indeed, who she says she is.

16) Rei starts to question her spirituality. She eventually leaves the only home that she has ever known on a quest to find herself. She decides that New Age is her true calling. She moves to San Francisco and makes a living selling fake crystals and trying to guess who was who in a past life.

17) An enemy attacks Tokyo and instead of leaving the fighting to the idiot youma, they just cause all of the appliances to turn on their owners.

18) Mamoru discovers that his ancestry is half Scottish. In honor of his dead relatives, he trades in his usual tux for something more traditional and insists that girls refer to him as “Tuxedo Kilt” from now on.

19) Minako decides to take up animal rights activism. Unfortunately, she misunderstands what that means and attempts to set Artemis free.

20) Minako realizes that her dream of becoming an idol is probably not a great idea, after all. Instead she sets her sights on a cushy job as an inept accountant.

21) Upon realizing that Chibiusa needs to be conceived in the near future, Usagi arranges for a romantic getaway on a deserted island. Little does she realize that she’s actually arranged to join the cast of Temptation Island.

22) Usagi finally meets her long, lost, brother who was also reincarnated from the Silver Millennium. However, instead of surpassing Usagi at every turn, we learn that he is actually a shy, scrawny kid with excessive allergies and a heart condition. His eyesight is so poor that he needs to wear glasses that are an inch thick. His main passion in life is ant farms.

23) After an accident while breeding roses, Mamoru discovers that he suddenly has the ability to talk to plants. They tell him many useful things like the weather for the following day and whether or not his clothes match.

24) Mamoru finally gives in to pressure and gets rid of that ugly green jacket. Unfortunately, he starts to go through severe jacket withdrawal. He spends many hours in the dark, staring at a picture of him in the jacket and mourning it.

25) All of the regular senshi are kidnapped and it is up to the fan senshi to save them! This, btw, means EVERY fan senshi ever created and put in a fanfic. All of the Sailor Suns and Sailor Earths, however, start to fight for dominance over who is the true possessor of their title. A large battle ensues. By the time someone wins both fights, everyone else is dead and the world is in ruins. It's a massive but noble effort. Go you for trying!

26) The senshi discover ASMR. After reading through the entire library, they are shocked and horrified at how others portray them. They decide to start a massive re-education campaign. Says Sailor Moon, "You have mis-characterized us for the sake of cheap entertainment! In the name of the moon, we'll punish you!"

27) It's a songfic for ABBA's "Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)." There's no real reason for this other than the minor fact that I'm really curious as to how it would go.

28) From Sorcha: An AU where Mamo-chan is a porn star and Usagi is an incredibly smart librarian who sets out to reform him while at the same time he is trying to get her to have sex with him in his next flick!