The Sailor Moon Character by Character Guide to Music

Anyone ever notice how fic authors are in love with the songfic? It’s as if their thought process goes, “Hmm.... I like this song. I know! I’ll write a fic around it!” Unfortunately, all of the songfics tend to have the exact same type of music: The Backstreet Boys and Savage Garden.

Please tell me, why is it that EVERY character listens to The Backstreet Boys and Savage Garden? Do you seriously think that the Sailor Senshi have the exact same taste in music as YOU? Nevermind that minor fact that they ARE in Japan and probably don’t understand half of the words of the music. Why don’t songfics use Japanese music? One would think that it would make more sense

However, since most people insist on doing these songfics anyways and since I am the very nice and benevolent person that I am, I am pleased to present to you this handy guide.

Usagi: Poor, poor Usagi. She doesn’t get to listen to music too much. In fact, as much as she tries to admit otherwise, she’s pretty out of the loop. Remember, she didn’t know who The Three Lights were at first, either. She’s missing out. However, when she DOES listen to music, it’s adult contemporary. There’s just something about Celine Dion, dammit!

Makoto: Mako-chan tries to hide it, but she’s all about Country-Western. The Dixie Chicks are her heroes. During the summer of 2000, many people were shocked to hear the girl who worships her sempai sing about how “Earl had to die.” She’s also a big Dolly Parton fan and has her every album. She openly admits to admiring Dolly’s talents.

Minako: After spending that time as Sailor V in England, Great Britain was never far from Minako’s heart. This has manifested itself as a hidden adoration for Brit-rock. While she’ll only openly admit to being a fan of whatever teenybopper act is currently popular, she secretly has every song from Oasis memorized. The Oasis effect doesn’t faze her! (The Oasis Effect: The effect of immediately becoming very depressed after hearing any song from Oasis.)

Ami: Despite her great intelligence, it is Ami who has proved to be the true teenybopper fan! Unfortunately, her mother doesn’t approve. Poor Ami-chan has been forced to resort to hiding her N’Sync CDs inside of her John Tesh cases.

Mamoru: What can I say? Mamoru adores his rap/rock. Whenever Usagi comes over for a date, his music list consists of such classics as Limp Bizkit’s “Nookie” and KoRn’s “A.D.I.D.A.S.”

Michiru: Well, aside from her obvious love for classical, Michiru has always appreciated her feminist rock. She places Sarah McLaughlan on a pedestal and came very close to begging to be put on the roster for Lillith Fair a few years ago.

Haruka: She’s a big electronica fan. When Underworld broke up, Haruka was devastated. This love for electronica has manifested itself as a need to party. She’s been known to crash more than one rave. Unfortunately, she took this a little too far about a year ago when, after a particularly poor mixing job, she started beating up the DJ. “Trance? You call this crap trance? I’ll show YOU a trance!”

ChibiUsa: Just when you think that her taste in men couldn’t get any worse, ChibiUsa admits to having a crush on Marilyn Manson. Says Yamhead, “He’s just so DREAMY! I wish I could pull off makeup like that! And sometimes, I think that he makes a better female than I do!”

Hotaru: Sadly, being forced to grow up in an accelerated fashion has it’s disadvantages. Despite appearing to be roughly 12 years of age, her favorite song remains to be “C is for Cookie.”

Setsuna: Setsuna still lives in the eighties. When no one’s around, she’s been known to dress up in acid wash denim and covering her hair with White Rain Hairspray while singing and dancing along to Rick Astley’s greatest hits. Her favorite pairs of shoes consist of some jellies and the required pair of white keds.

Consider yourselves educated.