The Tentacle Rape

The Coming of Munihausen. Written by The Great Red Serpent.

You make obligatory jokes about that pen name on your own.

The story itself is simple enough. Take Sailor Moon. Throw in the Overfiend from Urotsoki Doji, a few random boy toys, and the Loc-Nar from 1981’s animated Sci-Fi classic “Heavy Metal” – even though I have no clue why that thing is included. Frappe. Then? Add some time travel to taste. Yum! Tentacle rape fun for the whole family.

First, Faust Munihausen causes a legion of evil tentacle demons to attack Setsuna. Why? Because he wants the ginzuishou. Naturally, you achieve this by, you know, killing the guardian of time. It’s the natural first step towards any plan for global conquest. I know that’s what I’d do.

They wasted no time in attacking their intended target. The first one made deep gashes in her face with its claw, while the others started eating at her arms and legs, sending blood all over the walls. After the skin and muscle tissue had been eaten away from her arms and legs, her tits and groin were next. The first one bit into her left tit, completely removing the nipple and swallowing it. The second one shaved her pubic hair off with its claws and stuffed it all down her love-hole, the sharpness of its claws causing her to ejaculate with her own blood. The third one used its claws and ripped into her abdominal area. It pulled out her small and large intestine and ripped it open, the mixture of chyme and feces spilling out all over her. "Eat shit you biiiiitch!" It exclaimed while taking delight in its work.

Poor Setsuna.

The combination of being eaten alive, molested, and ripped open proved to be too much for her, but she was able to manage one final scream before she passed away.

RIP, dear Soldier of Time. May you be reborn with nipples of steel that are not so easily torn off and shoved down your “love hole”.

Even more disturbing is the knowledge that Chibiusa witnessed all of this through the POWER OF HER DREAMS. I hope that Neo-Queen Serenity thought to thaw out a therapist in the future.

Other than that, however, no one’s too concerned. Rei takes a moment to give Jason a blow job. The world may be ending, but there’s always time for a little head! (Literally.) They do a little roleplaying, too. And we are all incredibly disturbed when Jason yells out, “Damn right. Now get on your knees and prepare for communion with the Great Red Serpent. Pray now that you will be worthy to receive His sacred blessings.”

Dude. That’s your PEN NAME. You sick fuck. Wait… Let me look at your email address. Hmmm… jard? As in j. ard. As in JASON? As in not only are you writing yourself as a Stu, but you’re a kinky Stu at that?

Sure, dude. Whatever.

There’s also some S&M and a cucumber involved. You go, Rei! You go with your hot, Americanized boyfriend! Or whatever the Hell he is. ‘Cause whatever his native language is, it isn’t English. Or French. Or Japanese. It’s possibly Navajo. Or, um… Ancient Greek? I don’t know. If the phrase, “Ah Wincincala, hanhepi kin lila waste lo! Lel wanna ake cipaspayin kte wacin yelo,” looks familiar to you, please fill me in. Unfortunately, the translation is provided.

Back to Faust! Who, using only the super power of his super psychic mind, has decided to mentally torture Mamoru into watching demons rape Usagi! Oh, I bet he’s loving that. Faust is all about tricking Mamoru for the ginzuishou. Give the ginzuishou to Faust and he’ll make sure that the Black Moon never ever tentacle rapes Usagi. Just to back his ploy up, he informs Mamoru that, "If you simply ignore the dream and go go back to her, we know that they are capable of implanting images in your mind so strong your brain will explode, or they just might try this technique on Usagi.”

Exploded brain goo. Yum. And, naturally, Mamoru being an idiot falls for it. Hook. Line. And sinker. One has to blame all of his prior brain damage. Really. YOU be brainwashed and hit in the head as often as that guy and see if you’re not the tiniest bit… how does one nicely say “retarded”?

And lo, for Usagi is now captured and hurtled through space and time to the 2020s! Which are a lot like the 1990’s but cars can fly now!

Okay, no. Not really. It would be cool if they did, though. No, actually, in the 2020’s, the world is a lot like the 1990’s except that it’s overrun by demons that want to rape you. Of course.

Whatever happened to the good ole days when demons just wanted to drink your blood and harvest your organs for ritual sacrifice? That’s what I want to know.

Anyway, Mamoru goes after her, but they don’t land together because that would be EASY and Mamoru would try to defend his lady love’s honor and that would make it slightly more difficult for all of the demons to rape her. You know that feeling you get when you’re REALLY concentrating on something and this annoying housefly keeps buzzing around your head? Well, Mamoru is the fly.

Meanwhile, in 1993 Tokyo, the girls exposit for us. BORING.

Anywho, back in the future, Usagi and Mamoru are together again and being kept in a spare room being run by the resistance of that time frame. Grateful that she is still alive and feeling the need to experience all the joys of her life, Usagi decides that this would be the perfect time to get off on something. So she fucks a bedpost.

Not too long afterward it it her. She had the best damn orgasm she had ever had in her life, even though her entire sex life had consisted solely of masturbation. Her back arched, her tits swelled and her vagina glowed a bright red, and she screamed as her heart beat at breakneck speed and the muscles in her pussy and in her thighs pulsed and spasmed at a breathtaking, awe-inspiring rate. No, it wasn't Usagi's usual morning. It was much better.

I feel life-affirmed. And hey! Check it out! The author of the pr0n-fic is making a reference to another fanfic! Oh, that’s cute.

Back in Mamo-topia, the entire cast of the Japanese remake of “Deliverance” captures Mamoru. For the record, the Japanese cast of “Deliverance” consists of two people named Billy and Zeke. There’s some bondage and Zeke anally rapes Mamoru.

Billy, on the other hand, just inserted his dick into the inert mouth and started fucking it like a jackrabbit, wondering why there was no response from his victim. "Suck it, ya fuckin' asshole!" he yelled as he bitch-slapped him. No response. He hit him again and again and again to no avail, but, as Billy was also a necrophiliac, he decided that this was actually quite good anyway.

Don’t worry! The senshi find a way to travel through time and save Mamoru! And thus, an already humiliating situation becomes even more so.

And now we’re at a refugee village where all of the other senshi eventually run into Umino who explains what’s recently been going on. Sayeth Rei, "’So the legend of the Overfiend really is true! It's not just something my grandpa told me just to put me to sleep!’"



And that’s more than I ever wanted to know about Grandpa Hino.

Anyway, Zeke and Billy really messed up Mamoru. He’s dying. There’s no way he’ll survive the night. Too much butt sex did him in. So he asks for his dying request: An orgy. Since you’ve never truly lived until you’ve had all of the Inners at once. Naturally, the Inners are only more than happy to oblige what with how Usagi is a whiny bitch and all.

Interestingly enough, Mamoru doesn’t die. I’m not sure why this is. He had his whole dying request and everything. I feel cheated out of Mamo death, dammit. Guh.

And on to Part 3 where, in 1996, a young man that we have never met before named Nathaniel from Dayton, Ohio has a sex dream. Where he fucks a zombie? That proceeds to beat the shit out of him afterwards.

I found that insanely funny.

Back in 2020, Makoto has a plan. A plan to make a hot dude fuck her.

"Bitch, prepare to get FUCKED!"

"Yeah! That's more like it!" Makoto had wanted to hear him say something to that bottom-line effect before she would let him set his dick indside her, and she was now quite pleased to see him take such an initiative.

Um, hello. There are tentacle monsters afoot? Are you sure that this is a good time for that sort of thing?

Why am I even asking, anymore?

The fic continues on in this manner. Blah blah blah more sex. Blah blah blah, Mamoru dreams that all the Inners were fucking him but wouldn’t let him lick them no matter how much he pleaded. (The Inners are such teases like that.) Munihausen comes back. They fight a bit. They all die and are reborn in 1993 as though nothing happened, the end.

God. That was pointless. And it's only going to get more pointless from here on out, I'm sure. *G*