Ami Mizuno's Class of Self-Loving by Aaron

“Now, FiBi,” you may ask, “Just why did you pick THIS fic for a masturbation fic?”

And the answer would be, “Well, I could’ve gone with 'Usagi’s Usual Morning' like most people, but dammit, if I keep picking the famous fics, some of the more obscure ones will be forever unnoticed. Share a little love, people."

It certainly wasn't because I was planning to use it only to discover that ASMR had eaten the fic in question and I was too lazy to look for it elsewhere, so I just ended up using the first masturbation fic that I could find on the archive.

Not at all.

What? I have a life! I get PAID, people. And sadly, not to do this. (But Dude, if I DID get paid to do this, my life would be complete. You hear that people? You want me to review shit for you. You know you do. Let me freelance for your publication! Nudge nudge hint hint wink wink.)

Right. So... where was I? Ah, yes. Ami's teaching everyone how to masturbate. Gotcha.

Playing with my nipples always does that to me. I lightly stroke them with my fingers, ever so slowly. I do everything I can to make the feeling last. My nipples immediately become hard and swollen. I can see them expanding right before my eyes, like little beach balls.

Wow, Ami. That’s really… impressive. Do they come in that multi-colored pattern, too, or are they just really fucking round and large?

For now, I'm concentrating solely on my nipples, stroking them, softly pinching, tugging, twisting. Once I even slapped them, which felt great while I was doing it. But I don't do that anymore, because all I ended up with were sore nipples, which I couldn't touch for at least a week, and I like touching my nipples.
Suddenly I feel a familiar heat between my legs. The moistness follows. Then the delicious throbbing. It's that wonderful little organ of mine.

Ami masturbates to the score from Phantom of the Opera? Well, whatever turns you on, yo. Now, me, I don’t find the idea of being stalked by an obsessive, deformed freak to be all that hot, but whatever.

Hmmm… and from here, Ami climaxes a bit and then, during the height of her pleasure decides to tell everyone how Mako-chan TAUGHT her how to masturbate. Because years of self-study mean nothing; you need to be shown. God, at least get the characterization right. Mako-chan learned from Haruka. Minako already knew. Minako taught Rei. And Ami-chan picked it up from a book.

SO, flashback to when Mako-chan first taught Ami the proper way to love yourself. I shall summarize for you since this fic is OMG TOO BORING to go on a quote by quote basis:

Mako-chan: “Our uniforms are wet! We should change them! Here’s a shirt!”

Ami: *changes shyly*

Mako-chan: *performs strip tease*

Ami: *peeks*

Ami: *thinks* "Wow, I wish I were as secure with my body as Mako-chan is! Her talents are HUGE!"

Mako-chan: “By the way, I sleep naked!”

Ami: “That’s nice! Time for bed!”

Ami: *sleeps*

Ami: *wakes up*

Ami: OMG, MAKO-CHAN IS MASTURBATING! She’s, like, totally gonna go blind now!

Ami: *runs far, far away from the masturbating FREAK*



Ami: *avoids*

Mako-chan: “Yo, Bitch! I do something wrong?”


Mako-chan: “So? Don’t you do it?”


Mako-chan: “Hey, don’t knock it til you try it. Besides, we’re reincarnated deity sorts. That makes us sorta pagans. God don’t care.”

Ami: “NO!”

Ami: *runs away and has an erotic dream where she is being FUCKED BY HERSELF*

Ami: “So, wow. There’s two of me. And I seem to think I’m pretty hot. Check me out running my tongue all along my boobs.”

Ami: “Weird. And yet, also strangely erotic. I MUST TRY THIS! But there's only one of me...”

Ami: "I know! I shall clone myself!"

Ami: "And until my sex clone of me is ready, I shall have to pleasure myself... by myself."

Ami: *calls Makoto on the phone and invites her to la sex hut de Ami*

Mako-chan: “Yo. What’s up, bee-yotch.”

Ami: “So, teach me oh great Mistress of Your Domain how I may master mine!”

Mako-chan: “Okay! So, you go get naked!”

Mako-chan: *takes off shirt*

Mako-chan’s Boobs: *roll out for Ami to see and appear to grow larger*

[ed: It really says that in the fic. I am not making that up. Aaron also describes just how perky and soft they are, too.]

Ami: “Wow! Your boobs are HUGE!”

Mako-chan's Boobs: *nances and preens*

Mako-chan: “Aren’t they awesome? I like them big! III, baby! Two baby seals are strapped onto my chest for the world’s personal pleasure. When I talk about deadly weapons, I mean these guns right here!”

Mako-chan: *plays with her boobs a bit*

Mako-chan’s Boobs: “YAY!”

Ami: *_*

Mako-chan: “I like your nipples! Time to learn!”

Mako-chan: *teachy mcteachteach*

Ami: *lets fingers do the walking*

Ami: *orgasm*

Ami: *_*

Mako-chan: “Now we can have masturbation parties, yay!”

The end.