The Arabian Prince
By: mzbadgurl

The Princess of Persia is given as a gift to the Prince of Arabia. What this has to do with Sailor Moon, we don't know until half way through the fic when we are finally told that the names of these two delightful characters are Serena and Darien. I'll let you decide who is playing whom.

As a gift to the Arabian empire, it's Serena's duty to sleep with Darien. However, something unexpected happens during their first night in bed.

He did as did until he felt her innocence. He muttered and pulled himself out with much temptation. She opened her eyes. She was worried. "I will not destroy your innocence unless you wish me to. All you shall do is wait upon me."

So, naturally, he ends up raping her two months later. Unable to look her in the eye, she is sent off to a house in Arabia for three months until she is called back to serve the Prince's "buxom" mistress. Unfortunately, immediately upon her arrival, she suffers a terrible miscarriage. Sadly, no one, readers included, actually knew that she was pregnant at the time.

The Prince once AGAIN sends her off to mourn but then goes to visit her shortly thereafter. We learn that just like every other rape victim, Serena has fallen head over heels in love with her rapist. So, they get married only to have the "buxom" mistress (that we now know is really Beryl) try to spend the rest of the fic ruining Darien and Serena's relationship. As all of this is happening, we also learn a variety of things about ancient Arabia.

"I have a meeting in Royal Busch Gardens, this really exclusive and expensive restaurant, this afternoon. I'll come back for dinner but I'm not eating lunch here."

1) Busch Beer was around even then.

After that, they went on their separate ways and Serena went to the room to be checked by her female doctor, Amy.

2)For an ancient nation where women were handed out as toys, Arabia was quite progressive to allow female doctors.

She ran out of the restaurant, back to the limo awaiting her.

And 3) Cars were invented much earlier than any of us previously believed.

Lastly, we are granted with a miracle upon all miracles when:

Serena screamed in pain and a glowing light surrounded her. A low voice echoed out. "I, King Kenjin, swear upon this stone. If my daughter, Serena Heraldlin, feels pain and hurt so much that she could die, let her die in peace. Now, so it be. I cast this spell and bind it with her life and mine." Thunder clapped and light faded, leaving a pale, empty shell of the woman that had loved Darien so deeply.

At least, now she's out of her misery. Too bad her father's voice had to come out of nowhere to do that to her. But don't worry. Darien resurrects her. The End.

Other quotes of goodness:

"The prince was happy with his gift; she was pure and unscarred."

"She could not go back to Persia, her gift was gone and she was only a worthless slut now."

"She [Beryl] then turned to press against Darien, causing his reluctant reaction before leaving."

"'The king was strong in magic, even if not in sense.'"

"I hate you." Sorcha to me after forcing her to read this fic.

"The idea of anyone enjoying that fic is so far out of the realm of possibility that it creates its own pocket universe." - Jaina after reading this fic.

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