Wow! This fic does not suck!!!

Yes, like every firm believer of Sturgeon’s Law, even I have to admit that not all fanfiction sucks. In fact, of all the fanfiction in the world, a good 10 percent is decidedly non-sucky. Unfortunately, at last check, ten percent of all the Sailor Moon fanfics on would mean that I’d have to list over 1400 fanfics.

Nope. Ain’t happening. Ever. Don’t even think about asking. And I mean that because there is no way in Hell that I will willingly dig up 1400 urls for you people. Besides, that 10 percent includes the fics that, while not absolute crap, aren’t exactly all that great, either. So, you’ll just have to deal with my list of recommendations. If you think I’ve excluded anything, you’ll either have to email me or deal with it. OR you could put up a competing page and we could start an online rivalry. Fun idea, no? I haven’t had an online rivalry in AGES!

Beginner Fics – Are you new to the Sailor Moon Fandom and not sure which fics to go for? Well, here’s a place to start. These fics – with a few exceptions – aren’t all that long. They aren’t too complicated. And a few of them aren’t all that heavy in plot. Some will really help the beginning fic reader understand the Sailor Moon time-table, from the anime to the manga. Also, this is the section that contains the fluff. You know, the first-season romances and R break-up fics that suck less than the others? The character studies? They’re here.

Darien’s View (or, "Darien's Legitimization of that Fucking Doom Tree Arc") by Jennifer Wand
Jenn Wand's attempt to make the Doom Tree arc of the anime suck less by telling it through Darien's perspective. Don't watch the episodes. Just read the fic. You'll learn all you need to know.

Distant by Greenbeans
Haruka-centric character study. Feel her angst.

First Truths by Lilac Summers
First Season Romance. It has angst. It has humor. It has Mamoru and Usagi making out in the changing room of a lingerie store. What more do you need?

Final Truths by Lilac Summers
R Season Break-Up fic. Usagi takes matters into her own hands. Causes Mamoru to get really, really drunk.

Highlander Moon by Bill Harris
Remember when I said that The Highlander could be crossed-over with anything? Case in point.

M and M Story by Antigone
Amusing little fluff piece about candy. As I am a sucker for all things chocolate, it gets a mention.

Outer Senshi Series by Jackie Chiang
I think the title pretty much covers it, no?

Peaches: A Love Story by Kotetsu
A Momoku and Kyusuke romance. How many of THOSE do you see around? Yeah, this is pretty much it.

The Rose Garden by Pandora MacMillan
Want to learn about what happened in the manga without going through the pesky trouble of actually READING the manga? Well, here it is. And from Mamoru’s point of view, too. Cheer or boo at your leisure.

To Please Her by Patch
Mamoru buys pads for Usagi. He so whipped.

The Usagi and Mamoru’s Love series by Lianne Sentar
What happened to Usagi and Mamoru AFTER the Stars season? Well, this is one interpretation. Gets a mention since Lianne happens to be the official author of the episode adaptations.

Walking On a Thin Line. by Antigone
Yet another first season fic. That does not suck. This time, Luna helps! That wacky cat!

Without Darkness There Can Be No Light by Antigone
What if Usagi died before the creation of Crystal Tokyo?

Well, THIS is on Crack – Mmmm… Crackfic. Feeling silly? Well, this is the place to be because these fanfics are all on serious drugs. Whatever the authors were on when they wrote these? I want some.

Angry White Male by John Lauder
Artemis has gotten the short end of the character stick once too often.

Bad Karma by Meara
Shopping for a new car? Buy the senshi-mobile! It’s ugly as sin but still one SWEET ride!

The BIG Wish by Lilac Summers
Usagi wants sex so she wishes herself older. Mamoru has amazing restraint. This can’t end well.

Cat O' Nine Tales by Lord Chaos
Watch as Artemis fights to save the world. Go kitty! Go kitty! Kill some Hellcat! It’s your birthday! (The fact that this fic was named after a sex toy is purely intentional.)

The Curse of the Fanboys by the Fanboys!
Words do not do this justice. Funniest. Series. Ever. It’s primarily authored by Lord Chaos, so that explains a lot.

Deus ex Haruka by +Gradient
Haruka shouldn’t be mean to others as it can only end in embarrassment. She’ll punish you in the name of the moon!

Love is Bad by Jon Carp
Meet Michiru’s boyfriend: Geordie.

Lunatic Fringe (Cat O' Nine Tales 2) by Lord Chaos
Artemis just gets all of the abuse, doesn’t he? Will no one let him sleep in Minako’s underwear drawer in peace?

Mamo-chan Times Three!!! by Psycho Star
Two different versions of Endymion tell Mamoru just how stupid he is!

Mamoru Chiba Needs A Hug by Lord Chaos
Sailor Moon meets Pinky and the Brain. Tuxedo Pinky. Ph33r!

Mattresses, Malls, and Mayhem by Psycho Star
Everyone goes shopping. Hilarity ensues.

Memoirs of a Daimon by Greenbeans
It’s really embarrassing to be killed by a giant, pink heart.

Mimete Steps Out! by +Gradient
A day in the life of everyone’s favorite member of the Witches 5.

Royal Wedding Story by Meara
The true tale of Usagi and Mamoru's wedding and the badly dressed man that wants to make sure the wedding never happens.

Sailor Canoehead by Scott Delahunt
What would happen if a canoe somehow got grafted to Sailor Moon’s head? Utterly pointless. Completely silly. Funny as Hell.

Sailor Moon: Pain by Jon Carp
The only Sailor Earth fic worth reading. She’s insane! And likes knives!

Secondary Characters (revised) by Jon Carp
Aka: “Everybody Loves Michiru” because Sailor Pluto is the most pathetic senshi ever. Also, Hotaru and Jesus make a cute couple, don’t you think?

The Stuff That Doesn't Make Sense by Jon Carp
Shingo hears that two of Usagi’’s friends are lesbians! But which ones? Hilarity ensues.

Trials and Errors by Sean Gaffney and Jeff Hosmer
The multi-verse is a beautiful thing. Without it, a whole dimension that acts as a resort for Sailor Plutos would never be possible.

When Magical Girls Go Wrong and When Magical Girls Go Wrong R by Lord Chaos
The adventures of the pretty sailor soldier Sailor Dragqueen and his kawaii anime mascot: Omelet.

Fanficcing: HARD CORE – Want serious themes? Disturbing plots? Over 200K of fanfiction sitting in front of your face forcing you to read them until they have fucked with your mind so completely that the only thoughts you will be capable of having after finishing them are “Fire bad; Tree pretty”? They’re right here.

1101 by Lord Chaos
The BEST fic ever written. EVER. And Hotaru dates a daimon named after the author.

Absolute Power by Psycho Star
Rei likes power. Are you surprised?

ab type (antithesis) by Lord Chaos
Lord Chaos couldn't write a bad fanfic if he tried. Whether it be sci-fi, fantasy, romance, a character study, or a spoof, he is physically incapable of sucking.

Awakening, Obligations, and The End of the Beginning by Tim Nolan
Awakenings is one part Minako and one part outer-senshi. The events surrounding the awakening of their powers. The other two continue the st

The Awakenings of Tsukino Chibi-Usa by Kotetsu
Yamhead grows up! I never thought it possible.

College Life by Greenbeans
A self-insertion that doesn't suck. Beans goes to school with Haruka and Michiru and gets her own Lake God to love and cuddle and make her own!

Earth*ling by Lord Chaos
Whatever happened to Chaos after Stars, anyway?

Fatal Exposure, Full Circle, and The Quest by Meara
The creation of Crystal Tokyo the way that Meara thinks it could have happened. Deep themes such as intolerance are explored while Meara mocks bad fanfic and Mamoru's tendency to be brainwashed by evil people.

Forgotten by John Lauder
Hotaru tells her papa about being a Sailor Senshi.

Kinmokusei Story by Kotetsu
The adventures of the Starlights on the restored Kinmoku! It has vampires. Ooooh. Vampires. And Taiki gets some! But not, ya know, with the vampires.

Mad Tea Party by Lord Chaos
Awww... Lord Chaos loves Mako-chan. The last Sailor Moon fanfic that His lordship Chaos ever wrote. Let us mourn.

Moonfall by Meara
You know all of those deep psychological traumas that Usagi experienced? Well, in this fic, they actually have an affect on the poor girl. High on angst.

Moon Revenge by Levar Bouyer
A certain S season episode ends a little differently.

Prelude to a Kiss by Jennifer Wand
Usagi is turned into a boy. A very pretty one.

Relativity by Sexylyon
Neo-King Endymion undergoes his own version of The Odyssey after tragedy separates him from his wife for several hundred years. This version, however, is sheep-free.

Reunions by John Lauder
Some former villains bond over how Sailor Moon has saved them.

Sailor Moon 4200 by Angus MacSpon
The LONGEST Sailor Moon fanfic ever. It probably won't even be finished until at least 2010. However, it's completely worth it. After tragedy destroys Crystal Tokyo, the senshi are reborn. Though not necessarily in the way you would expect.

Secrets by Ken Wolfe
Ken's interpretation of the formation of Crystal Tokyo. His version includes wacky aliens!

Starlit Legends by Kotetsu
The story of the Sailor Wars and how the Sailor Starlights ended up on Earth.