Spare us your crap! Use these Fic Resources.

Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit! - This would have to be one of my favorite sites. Established authors from a variety of genres of fic purposely write bad fic and then tell you why it's bad.

Japanese/English Server Dictionary - This one pretty much speaks for itself.

A Companion to Writing Sailor Moon Fanfics - by Helen Szetzo. Tons of good advice located here.

The Tomb of the Little Known Senshi - Um, this isn't actually much of a fic resource. All of the information on it is questionable at best. So take it all with a grain of salt. But, heck, if you see that, maybe you'll stop making up your OWN original senshi. Otherwise, there's some pretty fanart there.

Mark Twain's Rules of Writing - Because no one knows better than him. And he's funny. Well... was.

William Safire's Rules for Writing - His rules are a little more boring than Twain's.

The NC-17 Guide to Grammar - Part of the fun of being hosted on wishing-blue means that I can now link to smut. So, here's a smutty guide to grammar! But please, don't click on the link if you're under 17. I hold no liability if you're a minor and click on the above link. Think of it as a shiny, red button. Thanks to Jaina for sharing this link. *G*

The rest of these came from The List. I claim no credit for finding them.

Dr. Merlin's Guide to Fanfiction - A MUST SEE! She knows her stuff!

Hardcore Critique Advice - Learn to self-critique your own work! Save your beta some trouble!

The Mary Sue Litmus Test - Also from Dr. Merlin! This is actually written for Gargoyles but it still applies. I might adapt it to Sailor Moon sometime in the future. It depends.

Indispensable Writing Resources - Again, this one speaks for itself.

Writing Your Story - How to pre-write your fic.